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Building a Cosplay Community

Let your creativity run wild!

Crystal Manga Cafe: A Production Company in the Making

Welcome, friends! My name is Crystal, and I’m a consultant, makeup artist, and internet influencer based in Queens, NY. I am also a gamer, and you can watch me play on Twitch.

I created this platform to display not only myself but also my friends and business partnerships. Once I have the capital to build and expand, I will do so accordingly. This includes launching my makeup line!

One of the things I am most passionate about is cosplay. It doesn’t matter your religion, age, or sex, I believe it’s for everyone.

  • Mission

    My goal is to help you make your dreams into reality through the creativity given to us by God.

  • Queens Comic Con

    One of my dreams is to have a comic book convention in the city. With your help, we can make this possible! Click here for information.

  • About Twitch

    Twitch is one of the world’s leading online streaming services. It focuses primarily on video game live streaming, including creative content and music broadcasts.

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